Gina Minyard

KelleySuePhotography131-300x199Co-Director and Senior Teacher

Gina weaves yoga’s wisdom with life’s ever-unfolding process, masterfully bringing it alive and radically embodied through breath, muscle, and bone, creating a rich and magically alchemical experience through her teaching. Dynamic alignment principles, intelligent sequencing, and thematic metaphor infuse her engaging instruction, with a presence that is weighty, compassionate, and inviting.A “pillar of Grace” in the Atlanta yoga community, she is sought out for charisma and passion, breadth of knowledge, mad alignment skills, and ongoing breakthrough experiences.

Phil Davis

Co-Director and Owner

Ever felt blown away by the Winds of Change? Weighed down by the events and obligations around you? So did Phil. Once he discovered Anusara Yoga, he began to hone the skills that allowed him to find Light in Dark times. It is pretty easy to be chill and blissful when things are good, but what happen when difficult challenges arise?

Having completed yoga teacher trainings with Arvil Loy, Gina Minyard, Ross Rayburn, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Noah Maze, Phil has a broad and diverse foundation to support his teaching. Looking for the good first, he strives to connect each student to their practice, and more importantly, to their life. He’s kinda funny too (expect a few bad yoga jokes).

Lastly, Phil was a corporate finance guy for about 30 years. He decided a few years ago, that this no longer supported who he became. Exiting Corporate America, following his dream to own a yoga studio, he bought Yoga Collective. Life is much better!

Leslie Muscarella

Leslie_edit-300x184Leslie, RYT200, CYT, discovered her passion for yoga in 2002, has practiced a variety of yoga traditions and has been evolving her practice ever since. She is fortunate to bring together two of her passions, yoga and teaching.

A former elementary school teacher, she began teaching yoga to children aged 3-12 in 2006 before taking on the challenge of teaching adults. After practicing Anusara yoga, Leslie found herself drawn to alignment based yoga. An avid attendee of yoga workshops, Leslie loves to bring something new back to her classes.

Heather Freiman

e49e9563-4f93-4fd0-963e-e0c04a77b1ea-199x300Yoga is transformational: For Heather, it continues to be a guide to self-exploration of innate potential, confidence, and strength. Heather took her first yoga class in 1997, seeking relief from physical stress, and fell in love when it also calmed and cleared her busy mind – she’s been hooked ever since! Heather truly believes that to teach well, you also must do, and she draws inspiration from her teachers and own exploration of the practice.

Greg Tinkle

Greg_studio_blur_22-300x184About eight years ago, Greg came to yoga by way of BMX and construction work. He started out trying to learn the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga on a purple mat alone in his kitchen listening to metal. Five years later, he went to a yoga studio and discovered that OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING YOGA TOO! And that Yoga + Community = rad! (although the music was a bit less interesting).

Liz Strickland

photo-225x300Liz is an fine artist and free spirit who loves to do handstands and walk upside down. She came to seriously practice yoga about 7 years ago doing everything from Bikram to vinyasa flow. She earned a certificate in Grounded Kids yoga in 2010 and completed her 200 RYT in ashtanga yoga from John Merideth at Onlyoga in 2012, in 2014 Liz completed a teacher training with Darren Rhodes for certification in yoghour. She loves to study and do workshops with various teachers when ever possible and is always excited to bring something new to her students. Liz knows yoga can be a transformative process whether through spiritual highs or through a war zone with epic self battles all within the beautiful landscape of yoga mats, community and friends. Roses are red violets are blue yoga is awesome and so are you. Let’s do a class!

Courtney Bombeck

unnamed-7-199x300Courtney Bombeck EYT-500, has been teaching yoga for over nine years. Her teaching style has evolved and changed over the years to incorporate all of the wonderful learning experiences she has had not just in practice but in life. Her approach comes from a place of adventure and humor and most importantly what she believes Yoga to truly be, a practice of radical honesty.
She has studied in several different schools of yoga and blends a powerful physical practice with an attention to alignment. Bernadette Birney and Kate Bovers are her primary teachers and mentors. She is a recent transplant from the northeast and is excited to be a part of the yoga community in Atlanta.

Carrie Black

Carrie took her first yoga class in 2009 and immediately knew there was no turning back. Since then, she has continuously studied yoga and meditation. After attending the Living Yoga Training program at the Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, she took the Classical Yoga Teacher Training with Swami Jaya Devi at Kashi Atlanta and graduated in 2011. In 2016, she became yogahour certified through Tough Love Yoga.

Carrie credits yoga with giving her the tools and strength she needs for her day job as a Special Education teacher. She aims teach yoga in a way that is both soft and strong, weaving together clear alignment and and yogic philosophy for a grounded and accessible class.

Crystal Logan

Crystal was first introduced to yoga in the late 90’s. The style of Hot Vinyasa Yoga offered Crystal a gateway to a dedicated lifestyle of applied yoga practice and philosophy. In Crystal’s desire to deepen her practice she attended workshops around the country. She had the privilege of studying with some of the most renowned teachers in the tradition. In 2007 Crystal became a certified yoga instructor in the style of Anusara Yoga. Inspired to be with a community of like-minded practitioners Crystal moved to Atlanta.

In 2013 Crystal found herself in the corporate world where she remains today. She is currently an endurance runner and follows the Siddha Yoga tradition. Crystal’s practice is highly influenced by alignment principles and the mental practice of resiliency and tenacity, coupled with authenticity. Crystal believes that we practice yoga in every area of our life and that the daily roles we play exponentially build upon this practice. “Life is always asking more from us and it’s our responsibility to respond with clarity and alignment to our truth. This is the way of the warrior monk and this is what we practice.”