About Us

Yoga Collective: Live Your Practice

Specializing in workshops and training and continuing education for yoga teachers, we are here to serve you and the yoga community in cultivating a beautiful, life-enhancing practice.

A Collective Vision

puja-candle-Copy-620x413-300x199Practice yoga to shed your stress, and that is only the beginning… Muscular flexibility and tone are guaranteed, but there’s so much more – a whole, balanced, radiant body is yours to know. Calm your mind, yes, and also tap your infinite creativity and power of discernment. More than a spiritual practice, find a life practice that makes real our interconnectedness and the possibility of an evolving experience of ourselves and our purpose. Come to the yoga studio and find refuge, but discover also your strength and freedom to participate more deeply in life – to be a force of change in the world – if only by being more connected to and supported by the profound well-being that is your essence. We believe in collective evolution: that the world is in such upheaval right now so that we can create the world that we want to live in. We practice yoga as part of this collective evolution, and we are committed to the flourishing of yoga within the individual and its rippling benefits to our families, friends, community, and planet.

A Collective Practice

We offer alignment-based yoga in an intimate setting that supports the progress of the student from beginners to advanced practitioners. Each class has unique thematic focus for attitude and specific alignment work, and an intelligent posture sequence that supports a meaningful and progressing practice. You will find a consistency in quality and style that supports your choice in class options as well as a growing community of practitioners. Yoga Collective’s style is about cultivation and surrender, engagement and flow, and uncovering the best part of who we are through practice.

A Collective of Teachers

All of our instructors have been trained in the dynamic alignment principles, progressive sequencing, and uplifting philosophy that is the hallmark of Anusara yoga. Each teacher brings their unique style, passion, and influences into creative, potent, and evolving teaching, specializing in individualized and engaging instruction.

A Collective Community

Yoga Collective is born of a long-nurtured connection between our teachers who have studied and practiced together for years and continue to do so regularly. Brought together with a common vision and a love of practice, a “family” was forged. With joy in finally coming together under one roof, we are thrilled to collaborate in the service of teaching yoga and are committed to continued growth and unfolding. We look forward to doing this with you – uniting under a common vision and love of practice in an expanding community of teachers, students, and friends.